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KWGN Not Adopting an Anchorless Format?
July 25, 2010

I was under the weather earlier this week, and I had a business meeting in Vail this weekend, so the blog has been on the backburner for the last week, but I’m back. With that said…

The Houston Chronicle reports that sister Tribune station to KWGN, CW-affiliated KIAH in Houston is moving to an anchorless newscast format called “NewsFix”. I guess they got the idea from Euronews. If it’s anything like that where the news is front and center, it might be a good idea.

Roger Bare, [KIAH]’s general manager, said KIAH will be the pilot program for Tribune Broadcasting’s NewsFix, which is expected to launch in late September or early October.

“The core concept is to focus more on storytelling by allowing those in the story to tell the story and to place video and audio at the center of all that we do,” Bare said, repeating a sentence included in a memo given to employees.

So, why am I posting about this on a blog about Denver media, you ask? Well, here’s the interesting piece:

Tribune, which owns 23 TV stations, will roll out NewsFix on stations “that don’t have a strong legacy news product or where the local news tradition may not be as strong as it is in other markets,” he said.

Hmm….I’d say KWGN doesn’t have a “strong legacy news product” anymore, at least. Channel 2’s news product all but disappeared with its local marketing agreement with channel 31, and the ill-fated “Deuce” repositioning was widely seen as a flop, which leaves channel 2 today as a shell of its former self.

This led me to postulate that KWGN may adopt Tribune’s new “NewsFix” format. However, a source has told me that this is not necessarily true. My source may be right or wrong; I don’t know, so I guess I’m just posting this for interest only, but this shows that with KWGN’s needed repositioning, anything could be possible.


Melissa Mollet’s Demo Reel
July 14, 2010

In a YouTube search, I uncovered Melissa Mollet’s new demo reel that she uploaded to YouTube last week. Is she the next talent to jump ship from KDVR? I honestly don’t know, but one thing I do know is that it’s entertaining to see all her fashion choices in two minutes. My favorite is the one at 1:41.

Crystal Egger to the Weather Channel? (Updated)
July 13, 2010

According to TVNewsTalk and other various community websites, Crystal Egger, who recently left KDVR, is moving to the Weather Channel. More details as they come…

Update: Crystal has indeed joined the Weather Channel as a fill-in on-air meteorologist. As far as I know, she has not appeared on-air yet, but I will keep an eye out.

Tribune’s Creative Services to be Overhauled; KWGN’s “Deuce” Branding to be Phased Out?
July 13, 2010

The Chicago Tribune writes about the overhaul of Tribune Broadcasting’s Creative Services department. You have to read between the lines, but it sounds like most, if not all, Tribune-owned television stations, including KWGN, will be rebranded by the end of the year.

The first phase includes restructuring the creative service functions at its television stations and appointing two regional vice presidents for innovation and imagination. John Zeigler, formerly director/creative services for WPIX-TV in New York, will lead the eastern region; Carrie King, previously director/creative services for WGN America, will lead the central region.

Here’s where it gets interesting:

They’re charged with driving a look, feel and sound reflecting the highest levels of creative reinvention both on the air and on the street, inspiring and motivating stations to take risks and execute in 21st Century terms.

While it was pretty much a given that “The Deuce” branding would be phased out after new GM Peter Maroney expressed distaste for it in an interview with Westword earlier this spring, the restructuring of Tribune Broadcasting’s Creative Services brings the anticipated rebranding of KWGN closer to reality.

KDVR/KWGN Considering a New Newscast?
April 8, 2010

A tipster told me earlier this week that KDVR/KWGN, Channels 31 and 2, are considering launching a new newscast. The tipster didn’t tell me, however, at what time the newscast would air nor on which channel.

The only time of day the duopoly doesn’t produce a newscast is midday, so it is logical that they may consider reintroducing a midday newscast. A midday newscast hasn’t aired on either channel since “News on the Deuce” at 11am was cancelled last May. KDVR could also follow the path of other Fox affiliates and launch a 10pm newscast to compete with 4, 7, and 9. However, this is just speculation on my behalf, and nothing has been decided so far, so I will keep you abreast of any other developments on this front.