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Filling Oprah’s Shoes
May 16, 2011

With the Oprah Winfrey Show ending after 25 years on May 25th, what’s next for the 4pm hour on KCNC CBS4? Many stations around the country have made plans to fill Oprah’s rather large shoes with afternoon news. CBS4 general manager Walt DeHaven has stated publicly on more than two occasions that CBS4 will do the same at that hour, bringing 4pm news back to CBS4 after a five year hiatus.

What remains unknown, however, is when it will begin (some stations are starting their news on May 26th, while others are waiting until September), who will be on it (Jim Benemann and Karen Leigh?), and what sort of format it will follow (same as the other hours, or something different?).

I have contacted CBS4 with these questions, but they have not responded to my emails.


Is this KWGN’s New Logo?
September 16, 2010

KWGN's station logo used from 2006 to 2008. This logo has appeared in recent CW network promos.

If you’re been watching KWGN recently, you may have noticed that the CW network promos that air during commercials are not using KWGN’s “Deuce” logo, what with its totally radical orange orbs and all. Instead, the promos use a plainer 2 logo alongside the CW logo, while the voiceover still calls the station “KWGN”. The logo looks almost exactly like the CW2-era logo that was used until mid-2008 (see left).

Now, this logo could just be used for the sake of fitting into the CW style, but seeing that it has been expected that KWGN will rebrand sometime this year, this could be the “new” logo. I do remember seeing the “Deuce” logo prematurely in CW network promos a few weeks before “the Deuce” officially launched, so perhaps this logo is also making its rounds before being rolled out.

(Thanks to Alyson for the tip.)

KCNC Getting a New Website? (Updated)
August 5, 2010

The current design of

CBS Television Stations and CBS Radio are combining their websites in markets where they both operate into a single website. WCBS-TV in New York dropped its former website,, and joined WCBS-AM, WINS-AM, and WFAN-AM in launching earlier this week.

The new website platform is powered by WordPress (yes, the same software this site uses) and features an improved video player. In CBS Corp’s second quarter earnings conference call, Les Moonves and other CBS executives said this platform will make its way to other markets.

But where does that leave KCNC-TV? Denver is the only market in which CBS doesn’t own both television and radio stations. However, it seems likely that KCNC-TV will adopt this format later this year anyway for continuity’s sake. CBS has also already registered I contacted KCNC-TV for comment, but they did not respond.

While the new platform is decent, I will miss the current design of, which I think is the best website out of all of the TV stations in Denver.

Update: KCNC did contact me, and they told me that they aren’t sure what will happen yet.

KTVD to Launch an 11am Broadcast?
August 3, 2010

A source has told me that KUSA/KTVD will produce a live 30 minute program at 11am. KUSA-Channel 9 currently airs the fourth hour of the “Today Show” at 11am, while a syndicated version of “Family Feud” runs on KTVD-Channel 20 at that timeslot, so it is likely that the latter will move for the new broadcast.

The description given to me is that it will have a local presenter with national news packages from NBC News, as well as room for local breaking news. This concept sounds very similar to the “Daily Connection” format that is seen on WRC in Washington, WNBC in New York, KNBC in Los Angeles, and other NBC owned and operated stations.

More details as they come…

Follow-up: KWGN’s Branding Woes
July 27, 2010

Earlier this week, I speculated as to whether KWGN would adopt a new anchorless newscast format that Tribune, KWGN’s owner, is experimenting with in other markets. I later talked to a source that said that the duopoly’s general manager, Peter Maroney, doesn’t know what to do with KWGN-channel 2 and is waiting for market research to come back before making a decision. So, until then, it is likely that channel 2 will keep the status quo— retaining some elements of “The Deuce” format while branding itself as “KWGN News” — for at least a few more months.