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Chris Tanaka Leaves KDVR
May 27, 2011

According to KDVR-Fox 31 Denver, Chris Tanaka, the smiling, dimpled sports anchor and director at the station, has left for his native Hawaii, where he will hold the same position at Raycom stations KGMB/KHNL/KFVE. This has also been reported in the Star Advertiser.

Todd Romero, whom you may remember as a longtime sports anchor on KUSA-Channel 9 and a presenter on WWE SmackDown, anchored the sports tonight on KWGN/KDVR and was warmly welcomed by his former colleague, Ron Zappolo. It is unknown whether Romero is Tanaka’s full-time replacement or if Zubin Mehenti or Josina Anderson, the other sports anchors currently at the station, will take Tanaka’s place.

Tanaka had been with KDVR since December 2003.


Kellie MacMullan to Leave Denver for Sacramento
May 19, 2011

Kellie MacMullan, currently the sole anchor of KWGN’s 7pm newscast, is leaving her native Colorado for NBC-affiliated and Hearst-owned station KCRA in Sacramento. Here’s more from the Sacramento Bee:

“KCRA is very excited to have found someone with Kellie’s journalistic excellence and anchoring experience to join our award-winning team,” said Anzio Williams, KCRA’s news director. “She will be a valuable leader in our newsroom and someone our viewers will quickly come to trust and respect.”

“I’m very grateful to KCRA 3 for this unbelievable opportunity,” MacMullan said. “I can’t wait to be a part of the best news team in Sacramento.”

MacMullan joined KWGN in 2007 as anchor of the 9pm news with Ernie Bjorkman. Following KWGN’s merger with KDVR and rebrand, MacMullan launched the 7pm news and has been anchor ever since.

It is unknown whether or not her departure is related to the recent announcement that ABC News anchor and former KDVR anchor Jeremy Hubbard is returning to Denver and will anchor the 7pm and 10pm news on KWGN and KDVR.

MacMullan joins KCRA June 27th. It is unknown when she will leave KWGN.

KMGH to Move Dr. Oz to 4pm, “7News Now” to 3pm, Inside Edition to 3:30 (Updated)
May 17, 2011

In what is likely a response to KCNC’s replacing of Oprah with 4pm news, KMGH announced in a press release on its website today that it is moving “7News Now” to the 3pm hour, followed by “Inside Edition” at 3:30, with “Dr. Oz” moving to 4pm. This change starts May 26th. It does not really imply when this change will occur. Here’s more from the press release:

The new lineup gives 7NEWS viewers the first look at news and weather at 3 p.m. with 7NEWS Now at 3PM. This earlier news program offers Denver audiences the day’s top stories delivered by 7NEWS veteran news team Anne Trujillo, Mike Landess and Colorado’s most trusted meteorologist Mike Nelson.

“We’re eager to provide a great local newscast to the community at 3 p.m. — when news is always breaking. And we’re excited to open up a new time period to showcase meaningful stories to the news audience,” said KMGH-TV news director Jeff Harris.

I think it’s a great idea to move to the 3pm hour. It allows KMGH to have the hour to themselves, and it makes the 4pm hour a little less crowded. What I don’t like, however, is that the hour-long newscast is being shortened to 30 minutes.

Update: Karen Leigh, Michelle Griego to Anchor News-Heavy “CBS4 News at 4pm”
May 17, 2011

Thanks to KCNC CBS4, more information has been revealed about CBS4’s new 4pm newscast. Those who have fond memories (myself included) of watching Larry Green and Stephanie Riggs on “First News” will be disappointed to find out that neither of them will be part of the new newscast, but not all is lost: the “CBS4 News at 4pm” will be anchored by Karen Leigh and Michelle Griego along with weather from Ed Greene. A launch date will be determined this week, though CBS4 is hoping to launch it after May sweeps. According to a memo sent by news director Tim Wielend to the newsroom staff, the newscast sounds like it will be more news heavy than others in the market (*cough* Four O’Clock at 9News *cough*), which is probably a good strategy.

Click “Read More” to read Tim Wielend’s memo to the CBS4 Newsroom…


Filling Oprah’s Shoes
May 16, 2011

With the Oprah Winfrey Show ending after 25 years on May 25th, what’s next for the 4pm hour on KCNC CBS4? Many stations around the country have made plans to fill Oprah’s rather large shoes with afternoon news. CBS4 general manager Walt DeHaven has stated publicly on more than two occasions that CBS4 will do the same at that hour, bringing 4pm news back to CBS4 after a five year hiatus.

What remains unknown, however, is when it will begin (some stations are starting their news on May 26th, while others are waiting until September), who will be on it (Jim Benemann and Karen Leigh?), and what sort of format it will follow (same as the other hours, or something different?).

I have contacted CBS4 with these questions, but they have not responded to my emails.