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Denver Media Watch 8.7.11: Channel 9 Goes Spanish, Chanel 2 Gets a Makeover, and More
August 7, 2011


For the loyal readers of this blog (but let’s be honest, there aren’t that many), don’t worry— I haven’t left Denver for Cleveland. I’m still here, and while I’m at it, here are some of the major movements in the Denver media market that have happened in the last few weeks:

  • 9News en Español: KUSA-Channel 9 announced last week that it will begin producing news in Spanish for KDEN-TV Channel 25, Denver’s NBC-owned Telemundo affiliate. The newscasts will air weekdays at 5:30pm and 10pm beginning in October.
  • KWGN and KDVR’s Marriage is Breaking News to Some: The Colorado Independent reports on a media watchdog group who is attacking duopolies such as KDVR and KWGN among many others around the country for cutting costs and resources while setting “record profits” for parent media companies, according to SaveTheNews. The watchdog group and the Independent’s article both present some truths and insights into local journalism that have been reported for years: resources, profits, and staff are shrinking while the quality of the product is deteriorating. Every newsroom in the country, if not the world, is facing the same challenge of doing more with less. In terms of local TV, stations have been consolidating all across the country, and in the specific case of KDVR and KWGN, I doubt anybody in Denver doesn’t know that the two stations are now a combined entity, and the local marketing agreement between the two stations was orchestrated in 2008 in the midst of KWGN’s parent company the Tribune Company filed for bankruptcy, the largest bankruptcy ever in the media industry. It is rather disingenuous for SaveTheNews to say that media companies responsible for local TV station consolidation are setting “record profits” when using KWGN and KDVR as the poster child of their political action campaign. This entire thing reads like a news article from 2008, and it seems unlikely that anything can be done about the painful but necessary consolidation in the media industry that has been occurring for years.
  • Ding-Dong, the Deuce is Dead: KWGN-Channel 2, formerly known as the Deuce, has officially buried the branding campaign that led them to become the laughingstock of town. The station is now branded as “Colorado’s Own Channel 2” and includes a new logo that is reminiscent of the swooshy yellow 2 logo of the 1990s. The new graphics package, set design, and refreshed website heavily play off scenic Colorado landscapes. The redesign was executed by KDVR and KWGN’s in-house creative team led by Creative Services Director Erik Candiani.
  • There’s No Such Thing as Too Much of a Good Thing: The Denver Post’s Dusty Saunders reports that KUSA-9News and KCNC-CBS4 are competing for as much Denver Broncos coverage and tie-ins as possible. After last year’s winning season, what more do Denver TV viewers want than that? Snark aside, 9News, now the official station of the Broncos, will produce a bevy of Broncos-related programs across Channel 9 and KTVD-Channel 20 as well as all preseason games. CBS4 is clinging on to its “Broncos Insiders” branding, producing almost as many programs as KUSA despite having limited access to the team. CBS4 will, however, broadcast most of the regular season Broncos games on the CBS network.
  • Familiar Face: sportscaster Marc Soicher and older brother of KUSA-Channel 9 sportscaster Drew Soicher has been hired by KDVR-Fox 31 and KWGN-Channel 2. Marc Soicher last appeared in Denver television on KWGN as a weekend sports anchor. He was laid off in 2008 in a series of budget cuts that eventually led to KWGN’s merger with KDVR. And we’ve come full circle…
  • Local Boy Does Good: The Huffington Post highlights KDVR/KWGN political reporter Eli Stokols on how he is perhaps now the most prominent reporter in Denver television covering the state legislature and local politics especially following the departure of KCNC-CBS4’s Raj Chohan and KUSA-9News’ Adam Schrager.
  • Weekend Shuffle: Following Deborah Takahara’s promotion to weeknight anchor of KWGN’s 7pm program and KDVR’s 10pm program alongside Jeremy Hubbard, Nina Sparano has become the weekend anchor on KDVR. KDVR’s weekend broadcasts have been solo-anchored by Takahara for nearly two years following Leland Vittert’s promotion to Fox News Channel (I guess that’s a promotion), but Julie Hayden, Tammy Vigil, and Eli Stokols have joined Sparano in co-anchoring the weekend broadcasts in recent weeks.
  • More local news on KTVD: KTVD-Channel 20 has been producing a quasi-newscast for the past year weekdays at 11am called “Daily Connection”, an experimental format led by NBCUniversal. The content of the newscast is mostly assembled in New York using national news packages and then sent to affiliates, but in recent weeks, KTVD’s version of “Daily Connection” appears to have been replaced by a general local news format and is now branded as “9News at 11am”. Seeing that the “Daily Connection” format is being discontinued for midday news by NBC-owned stations, it appears that the change is permanent. (Hat tip to Paul)
  • Developments in KMGH’s Sale: More prospective buyers are in the works for KMGH-Channel 7 and its sister stations. Look for a special report on KMGH’s sale tomorrow on Denver Media Watch.

Analysis: More About KMGH’s Sale…
June 17, 2011

The news came as a surprise to many when McGraw-Hill announced on Tuesday that after owning KMGH for nearly 40 years, it is looking for a buyer for the station as well as KMGH’s sister stations in Indianapolis, San Diego, and Bakersfield, California. McGraw-Hill cited in its own press release that while its broadcasting division generated $100mn in revenues in 2010, a figure that was up 18% year-over-year, it is planning on focusing on its core financial data and publishing businesses. McGraw-Hill’s reasoning is understandable, but the future of its broadcasting division remains unknown. The television stations are likely attractive to potential buyers being situated in mostly desirable markets, but KMGH-Channel 7 has the most appeal being the only McGraw-Hill station in a top 20 media market.

As an editor’s note, while it is common for media writers to speculate about potential buyers in stories such as this one, I will refrain from speculation and will only report on potential buyers if I have solid evidence or rumors to do so.

KMGH for Sale
June 14, 2011

KMGH-Channel 7, which has been owned by publishing house McGraw-Hill since 1972, is up for sale along with other Mc-Graw Hill television stations.

Here’s more from Marketwatch:

McGraw-Hill, best known for its Standard & Poor’s ratings service and for educational products, has hired Morgan Stanley to assist in the divestment. The company is looking to shed its ABC affiliate television stations in Denver, San Diego, Indianapolis and Bakersfield, Calif.; and its Azteca America affiliates in five markets.

The company said the properties “should be attractive,” given their desirable locations.

Here’s Channel 7’s own story about it, which was written in New York according to the byline:

The planned divestiture is part of a continuing portfolio review that McGraw-Hill is undertaking across the enterprise to reevaluate its strategic core and ensure it is appropriately allocating capital to generate shareholder value, officials said.

“McGraw-Hill has successfully evolved its business mix over the years and is committed to driving superior shareholder value by focusing on high-growth global brands and businesses,” said Harold McGraw III, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer.

The Broadcasting Group had revenues of almost $100 million in 2010, up 18 percent over the prior year.

It is unknown who potential buyers may be.

(Hat tip to Paul)

KMGH to Move Dr. Oz to 4pm, “7News Now” to 3pm, Inside Edition to 3:30 (Updated)
May 17, 2011

In what is likely a response to KCNC’s replacing of Oprah with 4pm news, KMGH announced in a press release on its website today that it is moving “7News Now” to the 3pm hour, followed by “Inside Edition” at 3:30, with “Dr. Oz” moving to 4pm. This change starts May 26th. It does not really imply when this change will occur. Here’s more from the press release:

The new lineup gives 7NEWS viewers the first look at news and weather at 3 p.m. with 7NEWS Now at 3PM. This earlier news program offers Denver audiences the day’s top stories delivered by 7NEWS veteran news team Anne Trujillo, Mike Landess and Colorado’s most trusted meteorologist Mike Nelson.

“We’re eager to provide a great local newscast to the community at 3 p.m. — when news is always breaking. And we’re excited to open up a new time period to showcase meaningful stories to the news audience,” said KMGH-TV news director Jeff Harris.

I think it’s a great idea to move to the 3pm hour. It allows KMGH to have the hour to themselves, and it makes the 4pm hour a little less crowded. What I don’t like, however, is that the hour-long newscast is being shortened to 30 minutes.

Channel 7 Investigates Hickenlooper’s Tax Issues
September 17, 2010

Face the State‘s Brad Jones praises KMGH-Channel 7 and its investigative team for its reporting of Denver Mayor and Gubernatorial Candidate John Hickenlooper’s  little run-in with the IRS. Face the State also highlights the fact that writer Jared Jacang Maher, whom you may remember from Westword, fought to get Hickenlooper’s campaign to release the tax data weeks ago, but they did not do so until Face the State tipped off Channel 7.

Face the State’s article profiles this as another instance of media shopping and also raises the question why only two media outlets (Face the State and Channel 7) were interested in this important story. This is a rather interesting case of new media and old media working together in an unusual way. It’s a fascinating read: