In the years I’ve been watching the local news in Denver, I was always searching for more information and analysis online about the five (now four) local TV news outlets, but no such site or blog really existed. Westword covers news about the local news stations from time to time, but their coverage is limited mostly to major changes in the media scene or feuds with Tom Martino. Jeremy Story at the Denver PR Blog occassionally dabbles in discussing the local news stations, but the vast majority of his blog posts obviously focus on PR, which won’t satisfy people like me looking for more information solely about Denver media.

So, instead of waiting for an Inside Cable News-type blog about Denver Media pop up, I decided I’d make it myself instead. In this blog, I intend to analyze and discuss everything related to the four local TV news outlets in the nation’s sixteenth largest media market. This blog will focus on the stories they cover and how they covered them, the stories they didn’t cover, changes in staff, changes in executive decision, and, perhaps most importantly, their swelling struggle to remain relevant in the digital age.


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