Update: Karen Leigh, Michelle Griego to Anchor News-Heavy “CBS4 News at 4pm”

Thanks to KCNC CBS4, more information has been revealed about CBS4’s new 4pm newscast. Those who have fond memories (myself included) of watching Larry Green and Stephanie Riggs on “First News” will be disappointed to find out that neither of them will be part of the new newscast, but not all is lost: the “CBS4 News at 4pm” will be anchored by Karen Leigh and Michelle Griego along with weather from Ed Greene. A launch date will be determined this week, though CBS4 is hoping to launch it after May sweeps. According to a memo sent by news director Tim Wielend to the newsroom staff, the newscast sounds like it will be more news heavy than others in the market (*cough* Four O’Clock at 9News *cough*), which is probably a good strategy.

Click “Read More” to read Tim Wielend’s memo to the CBS4 Newsroom…

Our news brand is stronger than ever, and now we’re expanding. We’ll soon have another broadcast hour on CBS4 to do what we do best for Colorado: urgent, active and important local news. Today I’m pleased to announce the team for CBS4 News at 4 p.m.

The newscast will be anchored by KAREN LEIGH and MICHELLE GRIEGO.  I’m certain Karen and Michelle will be a great team at four o’clock. They are both outstanding journalists and news anchors with extensive experience handling breaking news and rolling coverage, which will be a cornerstone of our new program along with leadership on the major news stories of the day. ED GREENE will provide weather reports, giving viewers a first look at Colorado weather in the afternoon and fitting right into breaking news and severe weather coverage when appropriate.

The producer will be RAETTA HOLDMAN. Raetta is a veteran newscast producer, and I’m excited to tap her experience creating new programming, familiarity with the time period and leadership in news producing. SCOTT SMITH will be our director. Scott is not only a confident director but also a creative producer and I’m pleased that he will help us shape this new program.

Senior Executive Producer JEFF GURNEY will take the lead role in creating CBS4 News at 4 p.m. Jeff will immediately begin organizing team meetings to build the program. We hope to start the newscast immediately following the May sweep, but a start date is not yet confirmed.

Thank you to news director Tim Wielend for responding to my e-mail.


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  1. So glad you are back! Looking forward to getting the inside scoop on Denver media.

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