So…What’s New? (Updated)

So when you’ve ignored your blog for seven months and now have come back, what’s the best way you can rectify the situation for your readers? Well, I’ve decided that I’ll do my best to recap everything big that’s happened in Denver Media in the last seven months, all in one blog post. Here it goes:

Programming Notices

  • The always dapper Kyle Clark has moved from anchoring weekend evenings on KUSA/KTVD to join Bazi Kanani as co-anchor of the 9pm news on KTVD.
  • Daily Connection, as previously hinted just before I left, quietly launched on KTVD at 11am in September. If your idea of a newscast is 3 minutes of locally-produced local news followed by 27 minutes of random repurposed material from the giant NBCUniversal family, this is your newscast.
  • Some new subchannels: AntennaTV on KDVR DT.2, ThisTV on KWGN DT.2, theCoolTV on KMGH 7.3 and Comcast 246, and KMGH’s NewsChannel 24/7 on Comcast 247 is now also on KMGH 7.4.
Revolving Door
  • Misty Montano jumps from KCNC to KUSA. At the risk of CBS4’s Twitter presence all but disappearing, news director Tim Wieland has tried to fill Misty’s footsteps by joining Twitter himself.
  • Carolyn Kane, Vice President of Content at KDVR/KWGN, left the station in April.
  • KCNC’s morning traffic reporter Lynn Carey left the station in April. Her contract was not renewed.
  • As Matt Makens joins KMGH, Corey Christiansen has found his way to weekends on KCNC. (Hat tip to reader Heywood Jablome.)
  • Daniel Boniface leaves KUSA for
Fresh Coats of Paint
  • KCNC relaunches its website as using the WordPress platform. While the site format was largely panned in other CBS markets, because KCNC’s does not have a radio station to be tied into it, I think the site turned out decently.
  • KDVR rebrands from “Fox 31” to “Fox 31 Denver”, and in the process gets a snazzy new on-air look (and it really is snazzy) created entirely in-house led by creative services director Erik Candiani along with the rest of the creative services department. KWGN is expected to rebrand as “Colorado’s Own” Channel 2 on or by July 23.
  • Not exactly in my normal beat, but FSN Rocky Mountain has rebranded as Root Sports. And in the process, the on-air announcers have resorted to talking less about the actual game and more about their nachos. Alanna Rizzo continues her questionless interviews as normal.
Let me know if I missed anything in the comments…

4 Responses

  1. What kept you away so long? 🙂

    • So many things, Eden. But the important thing is that I’m back! Here’s the other post about it if you haven’t seen it yet.

  2. KMGH Launched THE COOL TV on 7.3 & Comcast 246 on April 19 And on earth day KMGH Launched NEWS CHANNEL 24/7 on Channel 7.4 (it remains on the same channel on comcast at 247).

    • Thanks, Paul. I have now updated the post.

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