Filling Oprah’s Shoes

With the Oprah Winfrey Show ending after 25 years on May 25th, what’s next for the 4pm hour on KCNC CBS4? Many stations around the country have made plans to fill Oprah’s rather large shoes with afternoon news. CBS4 general manager Walt DeHaven has stated publicly on more than two occasions that CBS4 will do the same at that hour, bringing 4pm news back to CBS4 after a five year hiatus.

What remains unknown, however, is when it will begin (some stations are starting their news on May 26th, while others are waiting until September), who will be on it (Jim Benemann and Karen Leigh?), and what sort of format it will follow (same as the other hours, or something different?).

I have contacted CBS4 with these questions, but they have not responded to my emails.


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