Channel 7 Investigates Hickenlooper’s Tax Issues

Face the State‘s Brad Jones praises KMGH-Channel 7 and its investigative team for its reporting of Denver Mayor and Gubernatorial Candidate John Hickenlooper’s  little run-in with the IRS. Face the State also highlights the fact that writer Jared Jacang Maher, whom you may remember from Westword, fought to get Hickenlooper’s campaign to release the tax data weeks ago, but they did not do so until Face the State tipped off Channel 7.

Face the State’s article profiles this as another instance of media shopping and also raises the question why only two media outlets (Face the State and Channel 7) were interested in this important story. This is a rather interesting case of new media and old media working together in an unusual way. It’s a fascinating read:

The hard-hitting Channel 7 story hinges on documents available only from His Honor himself. Ergo, Hickenlooper must have had a reason for releasing them despite their potential to reflect poorly on himself and his campaign. Face The State’s own Jared Jacang Maher made valiant efforts toward getting at the truth finally uncovered this week by Kane and Kovaleski – with Camp Hickenlooper repeatedly dismissing our requests for even basic information. Certainly, though, the Democrat’s campaign staff must have figured out at some point that the issue wasn’t going away.

In choosing to speak with the Denver TV station and not other inquiring media outlets, Hickenlooper’s handlers were engaging in a classic case of media shopping, even if in a mighty ungraceful manner. Forcibly removing a reporter from your office, as Hick’s entourage did to FTS’s Maher, creates unnecessary waves.


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