Is this KWGN’s New Logo?

KWGN's station logo used from 2006 to 2008. This logo has appeared in recent CW network promos.

If you’re been watching KWGN recently, you may have noticed that the CW network promos that air during commercials are not using KWGN’s “Deuce” logo, what with its totally radical orange orbs and all. Instead, the promos use a plainer 2 logo alongside the CW logo, while the voiceover still calls the station “KWGN”. The logo looks almost exactly like the CW2-era logo that was used until mid-2008 (see left).

Now, this logo could just be used for the sake of fitting into the CW style, but seeing that it has been expected that KWGN will rebrand sometime this year, this could be the “new” logo. I do remember seeing the “Deuce” logo prematurely in CW network promos a few weeks before “the Deuce” officially launched, so perhaps this logo is also making its rounds before being rolled out.

(Thanks to Alyson for the tip.)


3 Responses

  1. Hi,

    I myself have been noticing that too. I wonder though if they could be using that logo temprairly until another one comes. The reason I say that is in early August I read their Fall schedule that Nick posted on his blog and he reported that they may go back to the “2” branding and call their newscasts 2news. Then again I don’t know.
    Here’s the link that mentions the 2 branding and the 2news one.

    • Hi Chase,

      I saw Nick’s post, too, and while I can’t independently verify his claim that KWGN is rebranding its newscasts to “2 News”, I do think that it does hold interest.


  2. Yes, in fact the station IS in the midst of launching yet another “new” logo. What is that…new logo #56? Rumour has it that the creative minds at the former “Deuce” are going to use the logo created in ’08, (the cut-out 2 in the circle) (designed by the creative team that was laid off in the merger). Go figure.

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