KMGH Hires New Meteorologist

I received an e-mail about this story several weeks ago, but for one reason or another, it simply fell through the cracks, so I apologize for getting to this late. With that said…

Photo from to the Orlando Sentinel, WFTV’s  Matt Makens has been hired as a weekend evening meteorologist at KMGH-Channel 7 here in Denver. This is confusing because KMGH hasn’t said anything about this, and also because Corey Christiansen is already working the weekend evening shift. The only explanation for this move that I can reason is that Makens is replacing Richard Ortner. It’s also rather unusual that Makens isn’t signing off from WFTV until Thanksgiving, meaning that he won’t even appear on Channel 7 until very late this year or early next.

Here’s more:

The Emmy-winning weather anchor, who is 30, is leaving Orlando to go home to Denver and work for ABC affiliate KMGH later this year. Probable last days at ABC affiliate WFTV: Thanksgiving weekend.

“It’s a promotion in my career,” Makens says. “It’s a huge promotion in my personal life.” His parents and sister live in Denver, and his fiancee’s family is close to the area.

He will continue to work weekend nights in Denver, but there’s another big draw in Denver: the chance to work with mentor Mike Nelson. “He’s just a great, great meteorologist with a great reputation in the business,” Makens says.


3 Responses

  1. Where IS Corey Christiansen? Anyone know?

  2. He is at KVEW now.

  3. At Channel 4 Denver??? Judge for yourself….

    “CBS4 meteorologist Corey Christiansen reported that as of about 8 a.m. Sunday the snow totals across the area were as follows:

    Longmont – 2.5 inches
    Westminster – 4.5
    Highlands Ranch – 6
    Arvada – 7
    Monument – 7
    Tiny Town – 10.5
    Trinidad – 12.5”

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