Melody Mendez Begins at KDVR

Joanne Ostrow writes about Melody Mendez’s debut as the new morning anchor alongside Mike Headrick on Good Day Colorado.

Count KDVR morning anchor Melody Mendez a keeper. The former Seattle KOMO reporter/fill-in anchor is settling into her “Good Day Colorado” gig with notable comfort, raising the professional feel of the show a notch.

In her typically flowery writing, I don’t understand what Ostrow means when she says that Mendez is already “raising the professional feel of the show” when she has only been on air for a few weeeks. I’ve only seen a few minutes of her, and she seems alright, but how many anchor changes is this for Good Day Colorado? Since the show debuted years ago, anchors have either left (Steve Kelley, Peggy Bunker, Crystal Egger, Pam Davis), or appear on an on-again off-again basis (Ken Clark, Shaul Turner, etc.) I just hope they keep it consistent.


2 Responses

  1. First off it’s STEVE Kelley, not Mike. And Melissa Mollet left for Washington D.C. several weeks ago.

    • Thanks for reading and looking carefully, Billy. I have a friend named Mike Kelley, so I often accidentally write Mike instead of Steve when I’m writing about the former 31 anchor. I also was unaware that Melissa had already left. I have since made these corrections.

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