Reactions: Colorado Primary Coverage

Tonight is the night where all the stations pull out their fancy election graphics (see? I pulled mine up above too), send out their best political reporters, and extensively cover the contentious gubernatorial and senatorial primaries. I will keep this post updated throughout the night over what I see. So far, I watched channel 4 at 5pm and saw that they have Paul Day, Tom Mustin, Valerie Castro, and Terry Jessup at the McInnis, Maes, Romanoff, and Bennett headquarters, respectively. I haven’t watched anybody else yet, but I’ll keep you posted.

If you see anything of interest in the coverage, please comment below.

6:04: I see Channel 9 has political analyst Floyd Cirali in the studio.

7:00: Channel 2 is promoting the fact that they’re the only 7pm newscast, and therefore, the first newscast with primary coverage. John Bowman is at the Denver Elections Commission. Eli Stokols is also reporting tonight.

7:26: With results pouring in, channel 2 is still live. Channel 7 has a giganto-ticker. Channel 31 has a more modest ticker on their screen. I didn’t see anything on channels 4, 6, 9, 12, or 20.

9:19: Joanne Ostrow praises every station except Channel 4, who didn’t have a ticker on for most of the night (at least when I checked) and called Bennett’s win later than others.


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