KCNC to Produce Four New Sport Programs

According to the Denver Post’s Dusty Saunders, KCNC-CBS4, which calls itself the “official station of the Broncos”, is debuting four (!!) new Broncos-related sport programs, in addition to the already airing “Arby’s All Access”.

  • Firstly, “The Josh McDaniels Show Driven by Your Neighborhood Toyota Stores” begins September 12. The name has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?
  • The “Chevy Football Preview” debuts September 11 and will run on Saturdays.
  • “Ford Countdown to Kickoff” starts September 12. Wait a minute, Ford and Chevy are both sponsors? Hmm…
  • Finally, there’s “Comcast Broncos Live” airing at 6:30 pm on Mondays after Sunday games. As Saunders points out, it’s strange that Comcast is sponsoring a program that’s on a CBS-owned local television station.

I really hope this is an adequate amount of coverage. I mean, five Broncos-related programs, all with their own sponsorships, may not be enough. Really.

Now excuse me while I drive to get an Arby’s sandwich in my fleet of Toyotas, Chevys, and Fords so that I’ll have something to eat while I watch all these shows on CBS4 on my Comcast cable subscription.


2 Responses

  1. Don’t want to be rude or anything, but none of these programs are new. CBS4 had them all last year as well. It’s a seasonal thing. The only thing new is the sponsorship by Toyota for The Josh McDaniels Show.

  2. nope, not new programming at all and the station calls itself the Broncos station cuz it’s the only one with a contract with the Broncos… ch9 had it a few yrs ago then ch4 got it.. when 9 had the contract there were several Broncos programs too… and had sponsors for those programs

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