Ron Zappolo Moderates Debate Between Jane Norton and Ken Buck. Why?

The pickings are slim any way you look at it.

Ron Zappolo moderated a debate between Republican Senatorial candidates Jane Norton and Ken Buck this weekend on “Zappolo’s People”. My question is, ‘why’? Ron Zappolo has been a broadcaster for decades in this market, but even after presenting “Zappolo’s People” for ten years, I don’t think his interviewing skills have improved. He cushions his light general political knowledge with modifiers like “Jane, I think you said…” or “Ken, I remember you talked about…” and passed softballs that appeared to come from the Larry King School of Journalism. I did not think Buck and Norton were pressed as hard as they should have been, for they both took the opportunity to do nothing but reiterate their respective campaign talking points.

While I doubt a lot of people watched this or the debate on KTVD, it is an important public service, and I must applaud KDVR for airing such a debate. I just think it was a wasted opportunity to have Ron Zappolo, the Larry King of Denver, rather than, say, Eli Stokols, KWGN’s stalwart political reporter, moderate the debate.


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