Follow-up: KWGN’s Branding Woes

Earlier this week, I speculated as to whether KWGN would adopt a new anchorless newscast format that Tribune, KWGN’s owner, is experimenting with in other markets. I later talked to a source that said that the duopoly’s general manager, Peter Maroney, doesn’t know what to do with KWGN-channel 2 and is waiting for market research to come back before making a decision. So, until then, it is likely that channel 2 will keep the status quo— retaining some elements of “The Deuce” format while branding itself as “KWGN News” — for at least a few more months.


2 Responses

  1. The public seems to finally be embracing the ‘deuce’ and it is a great niche for the market. Channel 2 aka KWGN aka the deuce has gone through so many re-branding efforts, that I am afraid this will be yet another misleading effort and confuse the public.

    The hip ‘deuce’ is what Denver needs.

    • The Deuce was a failed pathetic and cynical attempt to grab eyeballs. Leonard failed to deliver the ratings and succeeded only in destroying a great legacy station and the lives of a lot of fired employees.

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