Kyle Clark and Eric Kahnert Have…the Same Wardrobe?

I was watching 9News last night (partly because channels 4 and 7 cut their newscasts early for more sport on weekends, but that’s for another post), and I couldn’t help but notice not just the stunning Cheryl Preheim in her sharp grey suit and white necklace(s), but also Kyle Clark in his exceptionally suave khaki blazer and navy tie.

But then, after the commercial break, when Eric Kahnert came on with the morning tease, he was wearing what looked like the exact same outfit!

I took my, ahem, ‘outrage’ to Twitter, and Kyle told me that he’s burning the suit just in case. But Kyle, if you’re reading this blog (and chances are you aren’t— nobody reads my silly blog anyway), I thought it looked great. Side by side, there’s a noticeable difference in jacket and shirt color, but it made me take a second look.

But really, it’s neither of your fault for wearing two nice yet similar suits back-to-back, it’s me who’s without a life for noticing something so trivial. And writing a blog post about it.


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