Ode to Leland

In a piece that I missed yesterday, Westword’s Michael Roberts discusses Leland Vittert’s promotion to Fox News’ Jerusalem correspondent, largely crediting it to Leland’s fine head of hair:

The fastest way for a local television journalist to make the leap to a national network has nothing to do with scooping the competition on a groundbreaking story that produces headlines around the globe.

Nope, it’s all about the hair — especially at Fox News, whose reporters are among the most spectacularly coiffed in the broadcast biz. As evidence, note that Channel 31’s Leland Vittert is the second recent winner of Westword‘s coveted Best Hair on a TV News Personality — Male prize to be hired as a Fox News correspondent.

Of course, one of the best parts of Westword’s Latest Word blog is what’s said in the comments:

says:Best line from a KDVR staffer after hearing Leland’s news:

“Hasn’t the Middle East suffered enough?”

Leland, what can I say? You were a hell of a guy. Roberts is right: you have some of the best hair this market has ever seen, and, oh yeah,  you’re an okay reporter, too. But I’ll never forgive you for blocking me on Twitter:

Ouch. That hurts, Leland.

You really showed me by blocking me, an admittedly no-nothing blogger, from simply even following you on Twitter. I’m sorry if you didn’t like my comment about your hair last week. From now on, as you leave the Denver market, I’ll be sure to only talk about how much I love your hair. No homo.

Watch out for those guys with guns, don’t drink the water, be sure to file some reports from time to time, side with Israel, and good luck in Jerusalem, Leland!


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  1. Well, there’s always stalking for you now. You’ve got the first ingredient – spiraling jealousy.

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