Since I’ve Been Gone… (Updated)

Someone ought to tell Leland that hair gel is harder to find in Jerusalem.

In case you’ve been under a cave or missing for three months like me, here’s almost everything you’ve missed in terms of the local news outlets:

>KUSA announced a new 4:30am newscast with a business emphasis anchored by Gregg Moss. It is rerun at 6:30 on KTVD. (Med students, including my sister, gleefully rejoiced). It debuted earlier in June. KUSA also extended KTVD’s 9pm newscast to 60 minutes. KUSA’s Sunday 10pm newscast has supposedly been extended to 60 minutes as well, but an emailer told me that all they’ve done is incorporated “Overtime” into the newscast.

>KDVR, as predicted before this blog went dormant, announced the addition of “Nightside”, a new 10pm newscast. It was originally set to debut June 28th, but it has been pushed back a month for more preparation. The 90 minute block of news is reported to feature a more in-depth format, new graphics, and a video wall.

>Meanwhile, KDVR’s talent shuffle continues. Peggy Bunker has moved to a business network in New York. Her replacement is Melody Mendez from KOMO. Crystal Egger is reported to be leaving, but she will not talk about it. I haven’t heard anything more on that front. Lastly, Leland Vittert has been poached by Fox News to be their Jerusalem correspondent. What they saw in him, I don’t know, but then again, it is Fox News.

No, there isn't really a giant glass CBS eye floating above the city— it's just KCNC's new 10pm titlecard.

>KCNC unveiled a new graphics package that is identical to others used at other CBS O&O stations. KCNC also seems to have dropped the “Get the Whole Story” tagline.

I believe that is all that has happened since then. I’ve still been keeping up on emails and all the other blogs, but if I’ve missed anything, let me know.

UPDATE: I completely forgot to mention that Molly Hughes was released from her contract at KCNC. Many viewers, myself included, miss watching her. What a shame.


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