KDVR/KWGN Name New GM; ‘Deuce’ Brand to be Phased Out?

The Deuce's "hyper-cool" and "awesome" orange orb logo may be phased out for something more familiar.

The Denver Business Journal announced on Tuesday that Peter Maroney, currently the general manager of Local TV LLC station WTVR in Richmond, Virginia, has been appointed the general manager of KDVR/KWGN. Maroney will replace Dennis “the Menace” Leonard, the outgoing GM.

The words of Maroney, from the press release:

“KWGN is a legendary station in Denver, and one of the original superstations. People in the market grew up watching Channel 2. KDVR is a Fox affiliate that has nothing but upside on the news and programming front. The two stations together are a blockbuster, and I can’t wait to get started in the market. This is one of those once-in-a-lifetime opportunities.”

What’s interesting to note about this development is that Maroney seems unconvinced that the Deuce branding for KWGN works (obviously, it doesn’t), and in an interview with Westword, the new GM implies that the Deuce branding may be phased out in favor of (gasp) news and local programming.

This reference to Channel 2 by its venerable call letters rather than as The Deuce is no coincidence.

“There has been a lot of experimentation and a lot of change here, and some of it has been very good, and some of it has been questioned,” he says. “My instinct and, I guess, my experience is that when you have a brand as good as KWGN — a superstation — well, there’s a lot of value in that, and any kind of change should be given a lot of thought. And I don’t know how much thought went into it, but I don’t think a lot of research went into it.

It’s very early to tell what exactly he will do, but I have noticed that 2thedeuce.com is now being referred as kwgn.com again, the logo on the website now has the historic callsign below it, and news stories are actually featured on the cleaned-up front page (gasp #2).


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