New Weekday Morning Team at KCNC Debuts

(I was meaning to post this yesterday, but other things got in the way.)

KCNC’s new weekday morning team featuring Alan Gionet and Jennifer Zepplin alongside Brooke Wagner and Lynn Carey debuted on Monday morning. I am seldom awaken before 7am on weekdays, so I don’t really watch much of the local news broadcasts, but I did catch ten minutes or so of the new “CBS4 Morning News” on Monday, and despite the talent changes, I couldn’t tell much of a different in format. Again, perhaps that’s due to the fact that I’m not a regular viewer, but Michael Roberts at Westword agrees:

Thus far, however, the alterations are so subtle as to be essentially invisible. Indeed, the program seems like the standard major station morning show — professionally rendered and brisk, with a rather traditional mix of news, weather and traffic that works as both headline service and background noise while eating a bowl full of Smorz cereal.

That makes sense. The departure of Donaldson appears to have been more about the size of her contract, and the decline in revenues at traditional media outlets like Channel 4, than a bold new plan to revitalize the medium.

The only change I’ve noticed is that Brooke/Alan record a tease for tomorrow morning’s program that airs during the 10pm news, and there have been more plugs for the “CBS4 Morning News” during newscasts overall.


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