KDVR’s “Everyday” to Move to KWGN at 10am Starting March 1 (Updated)

From Everyday's Facebook page.

The picture to the left was posted on the “Everyday” Facebook page. It announces that KDVR Fox31’s 4pm talk show program “Everyday” is moving to 10am on KWGN (The Deuce). Seeing that the picture only features Natalie Tysdal and Chris Parente, I’m assuming that a presenter change is in line as well. This likely means that Libby Weaver will leave “Everyday” and will focus on the evening Fox31 News bulletins, but seeing that “Everyday” is moving to a morning slot, I can’t help but speculate if this also means that Natalie Tysdal might return to “Daybreak on the Deuce”. Nothing firmly suggests that, so that is pure speculation on my behalf, but it seems plausible. I will bring you more information as it become available.

Update: I received confirmation that Natalie Tysdal will not return to KWGN’s morning news program, despite my speculations. “Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader?” will begin airing on Fox31 at 4pm.


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