Follow-up: New Morning Team at KCNC

Just look at that color co-ordination between Brooke Wagner and Lynn Carey. Courtesy of KCNC Press Office.

Joanne Ostrow of the Denver Post writes today about the new morning team at KCNC set to start next week and the format mistakes made on the morning news in previous years that led to dismal ratings. In addition to the talent changes, the program will focus more on core news, weather and traffic, and Alan Gionet will continue to do “Good Question” segments. 6pm news producer Tom Merolla will become the new morning producer.

I knew CBS4’s morning ratings were bad, but in this article, it’s revealed that they are last place year-over-year. They’re even behind the Deuce. Ouch.

It’s Channel 4’s turn to reinvent the wheel. The old lineup of Tom Mustin, Brooke Wagner, Stacey Donaldson and Lynn Carey is dismantled.

The new CBS4 wake-up team — Alan Gionet replacing Mustin alongside the solid Wagner, Jennifer Zeppelin replacing Donaldson on weather and Carey still directing traffic — starts Monday.

Donaldson, whose last appearance on the show is Friday, was an expensive misstep for the station who simply didn’t click. (Her relaxed style is more Fox-friendly, I’m guessing.) Nice but unexciting Mustin is back to weekends.


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