Week in Review – 02.12.10

Now that this humble blog is starting to gain some marginal traction, I thought I might begin a weekly roundup on Friday afternoon of all of the week’s news as well as anything that slipped through the cracks of the daily entries. I’m not sure if this will work out or not, but I’m trying it for the time being, and to be honest, I’m proud of the graphic I made.

>KDVR/KWGN general manager Dennis Leonard announced he is leaving the stations. This was seen as a surprise and celebration by many. Michael Roberts at Westword has an interesting take.

>As previously speculated, Stacey Donaldson is leaving KCNC. Meteorologist Jennifer Zepplin will take her place. Weekday morning anchor Tom Mustin and weekend evening anchor Alan Gionet will swap places. I understand KCNC’s need to cut budgets, but I don’t think this new anchor team will be a strong challenger towards KUSA in the ratings.

>On Wednesday, I received a tip that KCNC would hop aboard KMGH and KUSA’s helicopter. This was confirmed today.

>Mark Koebrich and Kathy Sabine signed new contracts at KUSA.

Developments that didn’t make any entries:

>Bill Husted of the Denver Post reported on Tuesday that former KWGN anchor Ernie Bjorkman, who is now a vet tech, will begin appearing on KUSA’s 4 O’Clock at 9News in March as a pet expert.

>KMGH will air a half-hour special called “Devastation in Haiti: A Colorado Lifeline” on Sunday at 5:30pm.

If I missed anything or if you would like to send me news items or rumors in the future, you can send me a DM on Twitter or e-mail me at denvermediawatch@gmail.com.

Have a nice weekend and a happy Valentine’s Day.


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