GM Dennis Leonard to Leave KDVR/KWGN

Dennis Leonard, the man who successfully merged two stations into one, or said more cynically, the man who thought “the Deuce” was a good name for a supposedly-hip TV station and rocked out on his guitar while the two stations burned to the ground, announced today that he is leaving KDVR/KWGN.

A tipster pointed me to this article from Broadcasting & Cable:

During a four month construction program, Leonard combined the stations’ news operations into a single newsroom, built out separate studios and coordinated the management and production of 69 weekly hours of news.

“This has been the greatest challenge of my career, and I’m thrilled with everything we’ve accomplished,” says Leonard. “The team here is all but in place and the stations are on an upward trend. I am ready to reevaluate my priorities.”

The tipster also told me that everyone at the duopoly is somewhat surprised by the announcement. I never heard anybody, current or former employees, say a single nice thing about the man. This man not only let Ernie Bjorkman go, but countless of others, particularly at KWGN’s expense, and he turned KWGN into the laughing stock of the town.

No word yet on his replacement or the expected size of the effigy to be burned on Speer Boulevard tonight.


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  1. Good riddance! This guy was a joke.

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