Confirmed: New Morning Team at KCNC

As previously rumored on this humble blog, change is in the air at KCNC CBS4. Michael Roberts at the Westword Latest Word reports this morning that Alan Gionet and Tom Mustin will swap roles at ‘CNC, and Jennifer Zepplin will be the new weekday meteorologist, leaving Stacey Donaldson the odd woman out. Brooke Wagner will remain weekday morning anchor alongside traffic reporter Lynn Carey.

Donaldson, who hasn’t responded to interview requests at this writing, became expendable when Channel 4’s morning show failed to put a dent into Channel 9’s a.m. juggernaut. Hence, the current shuffle, in which anchor Wagner and longtime traffic specialist Lynn Carey will be teamed with former weekend anchor Alan Gionet and meteorologist Jennifer Zeppelin.

As for previous anchor Tom Mustin, he’s trading places with Gionet; he’ll anchor the weekend evening newscasts and report three days a week. And Gloria Neal, who had become a morning regular, was shifted to a nightly role on 6 p.m. newscasts a few weeks back. She hosts segments devoted to the station’s interactive help center.

The way I see it, it’s not surprising that KCNC needs to make a cut in the talent department. Donaldson must have cost the station a pretty penny after they made her 2007 hiring out to be some sort of coup for them. But, of course, she and the team didn’t deliver in the ratings against rival KUSA 9, who continues to have a strong footing over every station in the early hours. While I’m sure the loss of Donaldson will save the station some cash, I’m not confident that swapping out an anchor team for a relatively older one will have a positive impact, if any, on the dismal ratings. I’m glad to see Tom Mustin finally progress in the ladder after doing the morning shift for years, but it’s hard for me to picture Alan Gionet in the morning after being an evening news anchor the last few years and also in his previous time at KCNC. News Director Tom Wieland goes on to say in the Westword article to say that the format of the early newscast will remain largely unchanged, but I think KCNC should consider trying some new format ideas in order to differentiate themselves from the other newscasts.


2 Responses

  1. Aww, I’m going to miss Stacey. She, Tom and Brooke were really fun to watch in the morning.

  2. I am sure Stacey will not be missed. She was a miserable person when I worked with her at Fox’s Good Day, and I’m sure she turned miserable-ness into a cottage industry a few blocks up on Lincoln. She’s a real unmentionable. Good riddance…

    BTW: the glasses are 100% fake. No lenses. Check for yourself next time she’s on air. There’s no glare…

    H. Ayman Fire

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