Follow up: Gregg Moss and His Short-Lived Replacement

Gregg Moss covering the stock show-- no, not the NYSE, the National Western Stock Show.

KUSA business reporter Gregg Moss made his return to television Monday morning donning a cowboy hat at the National Western Stock Show while reading business headlines into the camera.

While Denver Media Watch mentioned his return last week, Michael Roberts at Westword was able to dig deeper into the manure (did you like my pun?) about Jason Martinez, Moss’ very short-lived replacement.

Late last year, Jason Martinez, a veteran of KTLA in Los Angeles, was hired as the new business reporter at Channel 9. But after briefly appearing on December 16, he vanished — and executives at the station decline to explain why. Channel 9 news director Patti Dennis’s comment? “I can’t talk about that.”

Fortunately, she’s more loquacious when it comes to the person the station has picked to handle the beat now — so-called “business boy” Gregg Moss, who returned to the outlet’s airwaves this morning. Dennis confirms that “we’re very excited to have Gregg back,” she says.

Martinez made one appearance on KUSA’s morning program in December, only to quickly vanish. Martinez also disappeared from his previous job as an evening anchor at KTLA-TV in Los Angeles. Why? Neither KTLA nor KUSA will comment, but rumors circulating suggest that Martinez, married with two children, was suffering from sex addiction.

We may not know what really happened to Jason Martinez, but his sidestory has been overshadowed by Moss’ warm return to Denver television.


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