What Does Leno Mean For Denver?

Could this man be the next host of the Tonight Show?

The debacle between Jay Leno and Conan O’Brien for the coveted 10:35 MST timeslot on NBC has undoubtedly remained an active story nationwide. Local NBC affiliates across the country have expressed anger and disappointment at NBC for poor lead-in ratings from the Jay Leno Show to the late local news. Ratings for the local late news for NBC affiliates in some markets dropped by more than 30%.

However, KUSA, Denver’s NBC affiliate, was exempt from this dramatic drop in ratings. According to the November ratings sweeps data released by KUSA, 9News at 10 actually grew 14% year-over-year in the target 25-54 audience. The Denver Post reports that KUSA’s general manager, Mark Cornetta, attributes the station’s resilience to “deeply-entrenched viewer habits”.

This is certainly a tremendous feat that bucks the trend of most NBC stations, but KUSA should not fall on complacency. KCNC celebrated a rare ratings win when CBS4 News at 10 beat 9News at 10 in total viewers for one week in December, and as Misty Montano’s Twitter following continues to grow, KCNC’s aspirations for a stronger grasp of the #1 late news title are not unreasonable, especially if NBC is not able produce strong replacements for the Jay Leno Show at 9pm.

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